Monday, November 05, 2012

How to keep your earphones from tangling

I haven’t done a do-it-yourself blog post in ages! I feel like such a cheater with my product reviews and beauty blogger tag posts and have veered away from the very core and essence of my blog! I am a DIY budget beauty blogger and that’s what I intend to assert with this post.

Well, this isn’t a beauty post technically but I feel like sharing this awesome DIY with you. I went to SM Fairview and saw this bin of novelties on sale. Among the items there was this flat pink teddy bear that resembled those skinny plastic spools of thread that come free in sewing kits. It’s supposed to be an earphone holder but at P 179.00, the price is so ridiculous and it’s not even cute. Plus, tell me what am I supposed to do with it after I’ve looped my earphones around it? Like, shove it in my pocket? That doesn’t seem to be well thought out at all.

My brain was pregnant with ideas when I left the department store. I wanted to make my very own earphone holder keychain thingy. I wanted to make a lot of designs—a koala, a moogle, an apple core—but I figured I’d go with the most awkwardly awesome video game character I know—Cactuar. For those unfamiliar with Cactuar, he/it is basically a monster that you can summon to help you in battles in several Final Fantasy games. Cactuar’s attack, 1,000 needles, is a non-elemental, physical attack that I think works against all enemy types. It’s not that strong but the novelty of having a giant cactus attacking your hapless enemy is always a treat.

ANYWAY, I chose Cactuar plainly because I had a really hard time finding pictures of cartoon characters that show both the front and the back profiles exactly as they would appear when viewed from such angles. I actually had to photoshop my Cactuar template since I couldn’t find a photo that shows the back of a Cactuar but no biggie; I just removed the face, that’s all.

An earphone holder is designed to keep your earphones from tangling while inside your pocket. It can also be used to shorten your earphone cords if you feel like they are too long. A genius product if I do say so myself. You are going to need the following if you want to make your very own Cactuar earphone holder keychain:

  • Cactuar template – the template is available here for free!
  • Illustration board – try to stay away from corrugated cardboards and go for solid ones. Also, if you have thin rubber sheets or leather lying around, I recommend that you use those instead of cardboard.
  • Pencil and marker
  • Ruler
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Scissors, box cutter and pliers
  • Clear nail polish
  • Old keychain
  • Glue stick
  • Push pin – any pin would do

Caution: This project involves a lot of cutting. If you are still a kid (or a total klutz), get a grownup to help you.

Once you have everything set, you can now start making your very own homemade earphone holder! Simply follow this easy step-by-step guide:

1. Print out your template. No need to use any special kind of paper; a regular bond paper would do.

2. Roughly cut the two parts apart and lay each on a flat surface. Neatly tape over the design to make them waterproof.

3. Carefully cut out the template.

4. Trace the template onto your cardboard using a pencil. Cut out the tracing as neatly as you can. You should now have something that look like this:

5. Run your marker along the edge of the cardboard cutout so that it looks more polished. Use clear nail polish to prevent the edges from flaring.

6. Once the nail polish has dried, glue both side of the template onto the cardboard.

7. Use a pin to carefully poke holes on his hands and on the keychain hole. Cut tiny slits on either hands from the edge to the hole for the cords to slide in and out easily.

8. Dab a little bit of clear nail polish over the exposed cardboard to make it waterproof.

9. Fasten your chain.

And you’re done! Simply latch the jack part onto one of his hands and loop the cord around his body and then securely latch the earphones part onto his other hand. And there you go! The solution to tangled earphones.

I do have to warn you that since the project is made out of paper, it won’t last a very long time. I suggest making it using thin rubber sheets or leather instead of cardboard.

Thank you to GamesDreams for the Cactuar graphic art! You are always free to make your own designs. Give this one a go and good luck!

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  3. Wow. This is a very cute idea. Thanks! I'm going to try it out for this coming semester back to school. <3

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  5. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


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